• Italian House Plans: Difference between Traditional and Contemporary Style

    It is not false to turn the living space in a traditional or contemporary Italian design . Both designs are attractive and comfortable . Nevertheless , both the Italian house plans to give a different perspective on life.


    Traditional Italian design house is associated with an earthy style. Some parts of the mirror of the Italian landscape . This is also called ” Old World .” Italian style decoration includes style of the region . Some of the most common styles are Mediterranean zone and Tuscan . What makes the different between traditional and modern Italian design house is a function of a particular room . For a traditional Italian design house, the kitchen becomes the most important room . This is the place where the interaction takes place between family members or relative. He entertainment venue . Thus, the kitchen is called as the heart of the house.

    On the other hand , modern Italian design house is very different from the previous one. Modern style smoother and cleaner as well. Just a simple but multifunctional properties include equipment in the house. When the kitchen is the centerpiece of the house in the traditional style , featured a special room with DVD- ROM drive , TV and music will be the centerpiece of the house. Meanwhile, aluminum and glass became the dominant material in the house with modern Italian house plans .Simple Italian House Plans Italian House Plans: Difference between Traditional and Contemporary Style