• Ideas to Improve Your Small Basement

    The basement can be a bit annoying for some people. Nobody wants to be beautiful and functional basement. In fact , all of this is that even a small space can be beautiful and functional basement. All you need is a small basement ideas . The observation and the basement to find the right plan or design Eğeryenileme planned to let you go the way you want it.

    61 Ideas to Improve Your Small Basement
    Some important points you need to know
    After a little idea of ​​the ground floor, and the next thing you have to think about how you want to find out. There are some basic points you need to know.
    1. Glass accessories . If you want to deal with crystal accessories , windows and doors, use both. Bugüneş environment and keeps the house fresh and light provides a boyuncaeve noon . Buelektrik be functional to save costs has been the choice for the modern home of glass lamps .
    Two . They contain a small basement ideas about color choice . They are easy and you should be good looking eyes . If you want to create a great site on a creative , light colors are preferred . Double width to create a space to give the feeling that you can add some mirrors. In fact , not recommended for the basement working mirrors .
    Three . Selection of waterproof material . It should be much more careful. This is the part of the house, and certainly fixes the plumbing and even deal with the channel.