• Ideas for Small Home Interior Design

    Small interior design of a really related to the renovation of the house interior design house or a house call genellikleminimalist veküçük new model is a simple thing . Not a complete decoration, but at least you look great atmosphere and decor of a room can change içinküçük though . Some annoying little space and keep one for yourself will never see freedom. It has the wrong opinion . This delicate little cheaper, and even if you have the skills , greetest never imagined the interior design is great as it can be .

    42 Ideas for Small Home Interior Design
    Combined with another room without any partition
    In general, small house, as a host of others all the time you can use the wooden partition to divide the room. This will make you feel very close tamev room. Yoluylabölü alternative solutions combine my interests and another room . Instantly, the living room to the bedroom. As one of the two combined rooms appear bigger . Bileotur room or living room . But make sure mobilyadüzenl becomes too neatly . Here Daay types of fabrics , wall colors for a room layout , sofa or table and furniture to be combined must endure another great place to look . lighting
    The second thing that must be considered in a house interior design aydınlatmaküçük . If your bedroom walls are dark , an alternative you can use lighting to make an illusion of more space. Effects Illuminated wall lighting , such as lighting fixtures and wall play. Follow önemleparç murals lighting. In addition, natural light enters içindeo curtains for free delivery. In Buon , will make you look larger and more spacious. By choosing to cover Eğerwindows when planning to choose a material transparent fabric .