• How to Secure and Energy Efficient Time for The Holidays

    How to Secure and Energy Efficient Holiday time – before going on holiday, you must take steps to maintain. Small as possible , the risk of theft during the holiday season , you can also save money , ensuring that you’re not home it will be time . As a way to minimize power consumption

    Safe and Energy Efficient How to Secure and Energy Efficient Time for The Holidays
    They run the risk of theft during the holiday season . For this reason, the exterior of your home, be sure not to see what is on vacation. A thief who wants to go home to do the trick , but you can make your house as interesting as possible . If it can be done with simple measures . The holiday season is also a simple way to save energy. This is a small savings , but it sure looks like one of you in small home goods trouble.Make

    Find a house where no one can enter the house easily and thieves. Anyone can see that some of the things that the inhabitants of the house. Go , letting out a bright light, can give the impression that someone’s home . This is a clear indication of the thieves , because the back of the house to prevent your home choose the dim light , not give up in the afternoon. This will be an impact tamtersi .
    Email kutusundanposta provide daily taken at the same time I know that people can prevent holiday.
    Also, as Facebook and Hyves “social media” should be careful . Vacation time should not be disclosed . You have to understand this is quite easy. The same is true for people who have their own website. If you have more , when on holiday registered.Saving indicating that energy thieves out of your vacation, you can easily get hold of the website
    That can turn the thermostat a vacation period . This house is not a home is not required to remain at twenty degrees. The thermostat can be adjusted, which can reduce the output of only 15 degrees , for example.
    Stand -off Equipment

    No need to be connected to electronic devices if no one is home. You can remove the yuvalarındanfişleri flow to save energy. Thus, these small savings , amacüzdan back.

    Removing the cap of the boiler , the water is not heated during the holidays. In fact , constantly trying to keep the boiler . Water at the right temperature
    Defrost the freezer inside and out

    Içintatil empty before freezing because sırasındadondurucu holiday . This effort will cost , but it is a major consumer of the freezer , which can be valuable. Refrigerator off , or at least , so consumption falls , you can go back .
    When all of us tips on how to efficiently recover and energy. Any other ideas ? we will respond in the comment box below.