• How to Select Spring Cantero and Maintenance

    With the support of many non beautify your bedroom furniture. One is a spring mattress. How to care for a spring mattress clean? Check out these tips.
    Spring care tips mattress:

    spring bed frame How to Select Spring Cantero and Maintenance


    In general , a part of sonundakolay dirty mattress . , To clean the vertical spring mattress , and then spray the cleaner on the top and the dirty , clean it. Try to do on a regular basis .
    Avoid excessive weight on the spring side of the bed. Better than in the center.
    Group B should reverse once a month . That was replaced in the first . This effort should be made to balance the load and the bed is not dead .
    Stay away from moist air . Dry immediately with a spring mattress dry when exposed to water spills . But remember, do not immediately spring sun drying beds .
    Yatakkızgın dry dock directly under the sun, but the use of adequate ventilation or fan . Make every three months .
    If you do not have time to spend the mattress on a regular basis , then the bedding was dirty , spring mattress and bedding used in an air-conditioned room is not easy to be covered . We also use a mattress protector .
    Spring bed can damage fine dust mites and health should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to suck . Spring beds are easily damaged if exposed to water as much as possible try to avoid flooding. Glue foam and will be oxidized .
    Spring mattress extensively before buying
    Determine the beds were very spring !
    Latex mattresses and spring mattresses on the market. Regarding adaptation, latex mattress supports the body to a certain point and then stops. Rest your body contains a certain point in the spring spring and then again to the contours of your body so that you feel more comfortable sleep takipel decide manuscript .
    He is supported by a coil spring series to choose from.
    Thickness not guarantee the quality of spring. A notable quality of these materials . Also, it would be better grain with the support of a number of spiral spring , the spring would be nice to High.
    Do not be fooled by the low price .
    Changes in the same size as the price of a spring , but can be superficially in the same way . All you have to do , ask for the spring issue . Spring is generally marketed per square meter 140 comprises springs.
    Select Anti-mite/insect comes with spring.
    İsviçre’deşirketlerinden Birininaraştırmaya based , anti -mite kaplamaölü sense of detached skin cells we fall asleep, so it works by changing the mites do not like . At the end of the mites will die of hunger. Therefore, for the comfort of sleeping istiyorsunuzbahar buy anti – mite control with the seller of that layer.
    Number of spring force .
    Spring has a high resistance normal spring resistance between the ages of 10-15.
    Try before you buy in the spring.
    Just sit down, but before you decide to buy , do not hesitate to try sleeping on a mat push down. Rahatbel how you feel , shoulders and spine vücudayatak uprights, while the body lay in a supine position and an inclined position .
    Ask for the after-sales service .
    Some brands of floor repair and replace bad this spring , after-sales service . Key kumaşzamanda all spring , the foam layer can also be analyzed as a whole was tabakayadestek .