• How to Apply Garage Floor Epoxy 2013

    Garage Floor Epoxy are strong, thick , hard and durable result . Two different types of epoxy itself is a one-component epoxy , two-part epoxy . Part Yanatek epoxy that has more than one step, easy to implement. Dagaraj way to implement a similar staining the floor. If you want the best and longest lasting results , you can use a two-part garage floor epoxy . Here are the steps to follow to implement a two-part epoxy .

    roll the garage floor epoxy How to Apply Garage Floor Epoxy 2013
    Mixing epoxy garage floor and thickening
    The first step is mixing . Paper works well for mixing bowls and ice cream çubuklarıreçine . What hakkındaönemli mix is ​​that you have a directly proportional to receive and mix well. Grams scale can be used to obtain the correct ratio . After receiving the correct ratio and thoroughly mixed thoroughly to begin. Stir until the color and color kabarcığıaynı air. Step Uygulamaikinci is thickened epoxy garage floor . In fact , this is optional. To obtain a very strong epoxy , fiberglass or a mixture of milled cotton and application use flox.Pigmenting
    The third step is the implementation of pigmented epoxy garage floor . A paste and a dry powder : There are two options that can be used pigments. Dry powder, the opaque can work. But it is difficult to find a dry powder. Eğerkuru Dust can not find the use of opaque white paste to get the result . Last adımkarışımı applies . You can apply the foam brushes , brushes Cheap brushes or use epoxy . But after applying , clean and reuse hiçfırça . Yaniucuz more effective than the use of a brush. Basically , the most difficult to apply a two-part floor epoxy garage but no better , more powerful and lasting value to try to get ground.