• How Iteration Kitchen Cabinet

    How iterate Kitchen Cabinets – As time goes on, you start to look old or worn furniture kitchen. If you buy new or if you have more budget to buy is not a problem.

    171 How Iteration Kitchen Cabinet


    If your budget is tight, however, you can update your kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinets repeating. In this case, the replica of the kitchen cabinet refinishing, paint, wallpaper, and for them to give a special touch by adding fabric or pattern means.
    Tips for Kitchen Cabinet Replica
    No matter what kind of method you will use, kitchen cabinets iteration starts using a clean surface. First, loosen and remove the door frame and hinges may exist. Rear doors and hinges for ease do not forget to re-make a statement to the back door. To avoid this kind of things crack or can use a detachable tag. Second, oil cabinet was formed square and even to remove dirt removed. No decorative door molding, it seems quite difficult to sand in all the grooves and corners.
    Using sandpaper, sand the cabinet frames and doors have been closed. Use stain and door frames can let it dry before reinsertion. If you are choosing paint for the cabinets, you have to decide on paint colors fit the dream decor. Mark and rear doors can make all the paint and dry before installing. The latter method is papering. When you find that you are in the middle of a panel, a different pattern of wallpaper can be added to complete the look. You choose what kind of my favorite models and you can choose where you want the cover.