• Cross-digger, how and when?

    Cross – digger, and how? – Grass in April or May in the spring and fall, the excavation in September or October. For scarifying the lawn very güzelçim removes all algae . Occurs after scarifying seeds or grass seed bare spots . To prevent algae grow , the grass can provide more sunlight? In addition, the pH value of soil test to test for sales.

    cut grass before scarifying Cross digger, how and when?
    Why scarify your lawn ?
    Lawn moss grows slowly. Soil algae grows, more grass. Moss has been expanding quite rapidly in the bottom. Aerating the lawn is removed by moss and grass do not have the opportunity to expand. Ventilation flat lawn, wet day and better conditions for the right season . Lawn Aeration is best for April or May and September , or the need October.Materials

    Lawn scarification to do with some tools . Lawn to eliminate all algae need at least the following tools:
    • A scraper
    • A leaf rake • A wheelbarrow or bucket
    • lawn fertilizer granules
    • grass seed
    • secateurs
    With these tools , you can create more light moss kaldırmakçim and garden repair .
    Aerator rent or buy ?

    A scraper can be purchased separately. The purchase price of € 100 with the cheapest scraper . The machine has a makinesiboyutu lawnmower . One of them, not what you want to buy and then rent an option? Birkira € 30 per day is a scraper . Purchase and rental prices depend on the type of aerator. An electrically operated machine is often less expensive than gasoline-powered scraper .
    PH adjustment grass

    ToprağınNormal pH 6.5 7.4 . There is evidence that can prove for sale. After applying the pH of an acidic pH can restore varsaçim soil . Prune branches outside the lime also helps sunlight. Lawn adding lime and more sunlight , in order to provide moisture , and at the same time . The grass is too wet to drain helps create .
    scarify the lawn
    Ileçim scarification has a scraper. If the grass is relatively flat , if a smaller , use a power scraper . Larger areas and more convenient with petrol scarifiers lawns blows .
    The first is to dampen adımçim . It’s a little wet grass to mow . Make sure you can recover more quickly this way Eğerçim . How to cut the grass , moss is easy to remove . Then set dahavalandırıcı . When the ground is about 1 inch deep stab ayarkanatları correct. After long and the work is done copying.
    lawn repair

    Scarifying the lawn and rake rake the seaweed sheet pulled all . Busaçsız now visible and can fertilize the grass seed . Olduyerlerde Not a lot of algae, sunlight seems to have ? Perhaps more than the sun shines ışığıçim possible pruning . How many branches moss sunlight is not good.