• House Roof Design : Three Essential Factors Need to Consider

    The roof is a critical function for the home. Nevertheless , modern home today makes this part of the house as a decoration more functionality aspect is resolved. When people want to give a little touch to the roof design for what the house looks unique and different, they need to consider three factors . These three factors determine how the roof looks .

    The first factor yavlyaetsyastoimost production. The cost of not only dealing with the materials used and the builder or architect. Design affect the final cost of construction. Most importantly, life-cycle costs . This means that the cost required for maintenance and repair. This latter seems to be unpredictable cost .

    The second factor is the environment . Each region has different characteristics. For cold weather , the materials used for the construction of houses must comply with cold climates . This is due to durability. For those who live in a tropical area , it is well recommended green system using solar heating. In addition, it is durable , it is beneficial financially, as they can save a lot more money , instead of installing electricity.

    The third factor design house roof is a legitimate consideration . Homeowners need to understand the minimum construction and develop a standard based on local law.green open building house roof design House Roof Design : Three Essential Factors Need to Consider