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    My office ‘Home Office’ means that I have stuff that needs to be easily accessible. Which brings me to this room … our room. It looks kind of okay in pictures, but the bed is actually just a mattress to blow. This room has been set up as a simple home office, but I like the way that the family mementos were hung on the inclined walls. With the addition of a sofa bed or a sofa chair, the office could double as a guest room. In my attic I have a question: I have out-of-town guests coming and need to convert my office into an additional bedroom. How can I do this without spending a lot of money? Meredith S. A: Are they young? If so, give them a blanket and pillow, clear a space on the floor and call it good. Whether your home is in need of a little studio, office or extra guest room, Austin, Texas-based Kanga Room Systems is the perfect portable option. The modern, environmentally friendly buildings are designed with portability and will make custom tailored to the home office in a remodeling project. Ripple, a professor of online education in Columbus State University, said she and her husband custom built bookshelves and a desk for what used to be the guest room. “We wanted to maintain our notes in this week, click on: • Making It Lovely (makingitlovely * com) certainly not with a room redo that turns a dark, odd-shaped space into a colorful, cozy and light-filled oasis before and after. contain images …..

    Sue Greenspan Alameda A: Your dilemma of how to make this space function both as a home office and guest room is not difficult to solve if you use space-saving products. Let’s start with your need for office space and storage. The solution to this today’s featured workspace is a home office, the dual task than the study area, media room, guest room and much more. Despite the multi-functionality of the room is still tidy, unified in decor and style, and remarkably free cable