• Home Ideas landscape Gardening Front 2013

    Front of House Landscaping Ideas – when they want to visit the home front house will be the first impression for guests. Front of the house is clean, it should be interesting and attractive.

    15 Home Ideas landscape Gardening Front 2013

    Besides this, also to work and has an open area should appeal different. Front of the house is not too wide, you can still design applications of low-cost, low time. Perspective well designed, the harmonic ideas of the two sides of the house and can connect the inside and outside.
    Some ideas for front of the house. Such as homeowners, even a little you want to spend something fascinating to impress your guests. Therefore, some landscaping ideas for the front of the house there. We can be helpful for you to tell the front of house landscaping ideas that are happening.
    1. A new way to hide. It uses the idea that the front door or wall plaster is privacy, brick walls or concrete. Provide privacy, the configuration must be 6 feet tall. Behind the wall, as colorful flowers and small plants can be decorative.
    2 Cabin Fairy. Tiny house facing in different colors, with a wide range of decorative trees can be turned into a cottage. Only concrete walls and terracotta fertilized flowers used can be converted into a farmhouse. 3 Classic Masters. Highlighted a classic craftsman uses an entrance that shows character. Flat concrete wall from the terrace garden for you in the parking lot or garage on the right shows a square divided. You can not add a small fountain. Then the simple DC as luck in the Chinese word “Fu”, can be added.