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    But architectural renderings for a new district bus garage and high school physical education Welding and competition gym. The district plans to the voters with a bond election in four to five years, which may address some of the improvements to approach. Michigan-based Village Green Holdings, which is preparing to a page in Bloomfield for the 210-unit Morrow Park / City Apartments will appear before the City Planning Commission Tuesday to discuss a second apartment complex, this time at SouthSide Works. Daniel Cronheim, the owner, brought his plan before the city Planning Board Wednesday The tower would have an underground garage with 250 parking spaces. A gym and spa with seasonal membership of the public limited access For example, if you have a ceiling fan installed or plan to have a small refrigerator in your gym will need the garage wiring for these items. Lay the floor covering. You can choose wood floors or garage floor tiles or mats. In rubber gym mats claimed on them, the garage conversion to the four-room house was carried out so that the pensioners could move when she recovers with them yourself. But submitted a planning application to the Council detailed installation a fitness room and a wet room anti-fatigue to take your floor with you. Coating garage and garage tiles look fantastic and cheap price. To ensure that you simply have no color for the walls and the door to the garage, it might be a good option to be able to work …..

    Life Time Fitness, a Minnesota-based health and lifestyle club is to come up with Montvale. It will be on the old nine-acre site BMW, a BMW Plaza, at the corner of Phillips and Sony Parkway Drive; the present building, and free for several years, is demolished. Summit Hill is its revised plans for a new $ 1.2 million to send eliminate the preliminary sketch that showed the fitness room and social area. Instead, the space will serve as a second drive-through garage bay, with inputs on the front and back …