• The House Fish Pond Minimalist

    Minimalist fish pond inside the house today, for what seemed an endless debate is one of the trends for home decor. The relatively small size and simple design with a selection of havuzinsanlar tend to be very popular among today so if you look at the conditions under which it makes sense in the midst of a modern and minimalist domestic demand. Also, a lot of time catching minimalistic design with ample dekorasyonevde fish pond is not very viable option .

    Minimalist Fish Pond2 The House Fish Pond Minimalist
    In addition to placing the pond dışındabalık home gurglingses water fish swim in a beautiful house with a canting may be an option to add a pleasant atmosphere in the middle of the family is always refreshing. This is especially true after doing daily activities , soothing fish pond inside the house can give the impression of a minimalist impression is inevitable or ofhttp :/ / www.dmada.com / wp -admin for residents / post – new . php provides relief can be very tiring . Therefore, a fish pond on a minimalist house building , house, comfortable, quiet and natural is a smart solution for creating a great atmosphere.
    Of course, in the production of housing, minimalist pond fish pond minimalist design is very different compared to the exterior of the house. Before the construction of a fish pond in a minimalist home careful planning is certainly a good and healthy to live fish , so it is required that the processing time to ensure that, as expected. Here in the house to give the impression of natural tips on how to create a minimalist fish pond .
    1. Determine the location of the pool. Fish ponds at home is the best place for family members often gather . Of course , since the state’s water resources and fish ponds sun, taking into account the choice of the basic principles of construction. Drainage of water is also important to pay attention to the direction of the pond. If a selected location restricted drainage , the choice should be transferred elsewhere .
    Two . Find the area of ​​the pool. Pond home area can be adapted to the circumstances. Of course , the pool should not be too large.
    Three . Determine fish pond design . Fishpond design can be adapted to the design of the house. Naturally, the choice of materials to build the pond and to create the impression that the material should be as natural as natural rock. BitkileriAyrıcadoğal ornamental design may be considered.
    April . Strengthening the construction of the pool. For the purposes of this item , filtered water in the pool is not leaking or other areas of the house, so it’s really how strong and robust construction of minimalist home pool . It is a fish out of the house with a pool in the house is the difference between the fish pond .
    May . The selection of ornaments and lights. Opt for a cut at home is definitely a bit different from the outdoor pool. For example , as an animal source is certainly not suitable for this type of pool. Furthermore, the factor of light , less than the highest speed in the field of incident light can be given yanarhavuz must be accepted.
    A really excellent , we have a clear picture of a beautiful house minimalist pond fish gibikitle communication tools like the Internet and magazines , it is advisable to look for relevant references . In addition, an expert hand danışınevde also very important to give an idea of minimalism naturally. Hopefully these tips useful for fish pond inside the house minimalist .