• Fireplace House Plans : Considerations before Making Wood Fireplace

    Fireplace located in the house will be cozy addition . Furthermore , it is practical , especially during the cold season , it gives a focal point for the room . Currently , wood-burning fireplace has become a favorite choice . When homeowners want to use this kind of plans fireplace at home , first, they need to consider about the open chimney damper . In this case they should be designed so that the flap can be easily closed when the fireplace is used. This is required to prevent the warm air .


    In addition, they must make sure that the wood is aged for at least six months . This is to avoid too wet timber to burn . It is important to note that burning pine causes creosote. This wood is put the home at risk for chimney fires . Thus, it is not suggested to use pine. In addition, combining hardwood softwood recommended. Coniferous can be laid out for the bottom of the fireplace and hardwood is at the top . The most important thing is that the ash must be removed , and they are discarded when they are completely cool. Then the flap is closed and the fireplace is ready to place a shield in front of the fireplace , so that the heated air is prevented.Fireplace House design Fireplace House Plans : Considerations before Making Wood Fireplace