• Feng-Shui Decorating 2013

    Feng – Shui Decorating – Feng – Shui is the supreme being , in order to ensure a greater flow of energy in our lives can bring positive results for the organization of spaces. Or a single part of Feng Shuiev can be handy. Here are some tips :

    Feng Shui in the bathroom Feng Shui Decorating 2013
    The room feng – shui
    B is a nice place, and therefore should be easily accessible . Therefore, the room should not be a secret , but to be the center of your home . Possible.Feng bedrooms in the best way you can sit down and try Shuioda light unutmayınmobilya
    The bed should be as long as possible through the door. For those who are on a bed made ​​of a natural material , and select the appropriate size. Do not place anything under your bed , consider the order of addition .
    Reflector mirror gucchin corrupt and negative energies can still lose sleep because our bed put a mirror in an area reflects .
    Feng Shui in the kitchen
    The kitchen , where we eat , Feng – Shui is the capital and why you should pay special attention. To remove odors are also available forces.You first two elements of fire and water are separated . Tip of the kitchen should be square or rectangular and can not be in front of the entrance door of the house.
    Being in front of the kitchen window , there is a wall in front of you and should not be to the south.
    Feng Shui in the bathroom
    The bathroom is a place where Evinizdeiyi interrupt power , therefore , we must follow some basic rules . The bathroom was also being away from the door. If not, Shi , the bathroom will increase the risk of serious diseases that appear bad energy will spread to all parts of the house.
    The bathroom can not be compared to another part of the house , it will lead to disaster. The negative energy that affects everything around a mirror in front of the bathroom door. Note that the toilet lid to avoid financial losses.
    Feng Shui home
    To get the best feng shui house, furniture, accessories, and some decisions must select kaçınılmalıdırdurumlar delivery . However, you can lead a harmonious environment that affects the welfare of the inhabitants of zamantüm .
    One of the first steps ( specific instructions for each section before moving on ) must take into account some issues, in general, promote harmony home. Look at your door , and iyialanlarda analysis as organized and decorated. The house is well located for what we need to do to change certain plants , not contribute to them at home.
    It is enhanced further by the idea of ​​the richest in the situation occurs – in this case there are any reception from abroad. Regardless of good condition, but not use – best left at home, and feel better – no need to say -it.