• Enjoy Low Maintenance Garden with Ornamental Plants

    A beautiful garden is a dream of every person. But what if you are a busy person and do not have time to take care of your garden? One solution is to park in a narrow low maintenance ornamental plants. On this occasion I would like to share your dream garden plants suitable for and not too difficult to care for these beautiful plants.

    Low Maintenance Ornamental Plants6 Enjoy Low Maintenance Garden with Ornamental Plants
    1 Noflok Fir / Pine Island Norflok
    Norfolk Pine Norfolk Island Pine care to stay healthy is quite light and moisture. Less clear are the lowest branches to turn brown and fall off the Norfolk pines. If the air is too dry, spiders and mites burrow. This evergreen tree can reach heights of 60 meters in its natural habitat. But inside the room, norfolk pine usually reaches a height of only 3 meters 2. Chinese Evergreen
    Chinese Evergreen plants are used as houseplants. Stay in a central motif in shades of green with silvery gray leaves gives the room a touch of bright and natural. These plants do not require special treatment until such fertilizers and pesticides. This plant also requires a large amount of water and the treatment does not work regularly tend to keep the time. The second character (hard and green) is much in demand as houseplants.
    3 Dieffenbacchia (Dieffenbachia spp)
    Leaves and stems of rice spilled or happy Dieffenbacchia generally similar to those referred to as the cane. It’s made of white alloy plant in the room with green leaves that look very dazzling. If planted in a container with a lush sound like a bush. I feel thick green leaves and white topis confirmed in the room. Unfortunately, all parts of this plant are poisonous and can cause irritation of the mouth and tongue.
    4 floors language-in-law
    Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii called “native succulents, treatment, do not grow well. Nevertheless, its performance is able to complement the room with long leaves like swords. A leaf motif similar scales are the snake, since, in addition to plant more known as snake plant. has also the form of a high swinging. Nearly all types of language in the law, even in low light alive. The only problem is the root, the root may be too water.5. Zee – zee plant.
    This plant is often tolerate low light, and requires no special maintenance perennial is a plant that is called succulent plants. The sheets are thick and glossy plastic that is similar to a plant. Zamioculcas zamifolia table without having to make the calls slow growing plants, native plants can be used as crop characteristics. And if you want to decorate a room with large plants should select this wonderful new. From time to time, and in the coming weeks, in order to maintain the appearance of the green you need to trim some stems.
    Do not worry about finding the plants, you can visit the flower shop and the desire to complement your garden with easy maintenance to perform. Happy Gardening! …