• Detecting Filling Insulating Walls

    Fixing insulation infill walls – the total elimination wallpaper or plaster surface only when there is a view of the availability status. Needless to say before you go hanging on the surface. Redefining and as straight as possible

    wallpapering ideas Detecting Filling Insulating Walls
    If (leveling), you must fill the shocks: muurvuller put loose plaster and eliminates the need to solve first. This can be Alabastine or other suitable muurvuller. Be the mold or mildew, if this (dry) or new (wet) try to find points. In the old mold, dust rub on time, you can feel the moisture. His former damp, then sand for the first time after the dead mold, cover with a vacuum cleaner. Dampen the mold, then go for it with a new wallpaper in another first, unfortunately, have to take the air causing, or are you full of patches of sand wallpaper.Do leads to poor adhesion to the surface and ruin many doubts or (strong) diluted wallpaper paste (for adhesives) for not treating the walls. It will cost much more energy and have benefited from the diluted glue. During the execution of the absorption of the surface of the wallpaper with new wallpaper slide more and are better for creating a new wallpaper. Before the glue dries to avoid. Diluted instead of wallpaper paste surface with a very strong wall chalk fixative may be wise to lock.
    Before you start decorating, to remove a large (20-30 cm), or a spatula to scrape the wall with stucmes. The rest along the wall to avoid the push / cereal almost inclined, spatula or Get stucmes care. Lightly sand the walls can damage the wall, but offers many more opportunities powder.
    Create wallpaper paste
    Wallpaper paste to create a day in advance, so it is a solid, glue ‘rot’ can provide. It is also important to have the proper ratio of water – Keep dust tail. Instructions shown in wallpaper and wallpaper pack mixing ratios. With the soaking time, strict dry.Pattern or wallpaper free wallpaper and determine the expansion and contraction of warranty

    If you want to handle that comes with the pattern, how to decide. Also make sure that the wallpaper pattern background in view-as a whole begins to work, so for example a strip of 3 cm is not a good example. There are next to the front door.
    Perpendicular to the first principle with wallpaper working. For example, the first thing that come up on the wall or a pencil to draw a vertical line, use it. If you play on a slope, there is an old crooked house. Procedures course not are quite steep, but the walls, doors and frames, curved at home. “Medium” to find, so the eye is true. This is particularly important or wallpaper striped wallpaper ……….