• Interior Design Trends in 2014

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    Our busy little quiet paced , always close , so take a break vegüzel may take some time to look at modern interior design lives. Well, I’m yukarıdatas result in better sound stunning Interior Design , Interior Design Trends in 2013 for a period of time before these forecasts have to talk about interior design trends are . In 2013 Interior Design Trends Predictions for great ideas , well placed and simple decor Interior Design this is one engaged in offering a beautiful design .

    Certainly we ofinteri design trends in 2013, wanting to know what kind , is not it? Guess it was too much of Belkiüstad . Well, for this we ‘ll bid on nasılöngörü . I hope you are satisfied with all the predictions ! 2013 will be yılındatrend trends in interior design style is a metropolis . Carrying any trends in interior design styles , clear, clean and modern but a discourse of life are totally chic .

    Okuduğumuzçeşitl sources , many designers design trends evident in 2013 yılındaiç judge said it would be a variety of bold colors and patterns . As yellow cheerful shades will give a new impetus . If you want other nuances , bold colors in your interior design can exert a distinct mixture . Deseno at the same time there must be something seemingly very visible again . However, for this, the color background / engellemees do not need to focus on the system as a background white color tone, can use as an alternative .

  • Designing Small Hall

    No matter how big or small living room, a bride can appear larger and wider users is the way how to design the living room. Designing a small living room, the fact that all creativity is forced to shut down.

    8 Designing Small Hall


    Unnecessary for you to do will be to hire an expert decorator. These banks do not pass, but not only enhance your creativity.
    Small living room Design Way
    With this, some tips for designing a small living room are the following. This is considered to be easy.
    1. Take the mess. Additional accessories can be simple things should be removed. You can use many things, but you can not and you can get more space, you can reduce.
    2 Use room furniture you need to make sure that the roads are not blocked. Was avoided are stressful situations. You can add and use too much furniture in the living room.
    3 If standing in the living room has a large table that can be changed with a little. If you think the statement is important, as long as you can keep him away.
    4 Creating the effect of a large mirror space by adding the items you want to highlight, for example, will reflect ethnic or mirror sliding doors.
    5 For the wall color, bright and neutral thinking and wallpapers colors stay away from the pattern. For connecting two different rooms with different color base to the color of the line you can use the idea.
    6 Window to comply, you can use sheer curtains. If possible, provide as much light as possible.
    Furthermore, the fact that you can follow these steps completely or to a different conclusion can create your own style.