• Decorating a Small Kitchen

    Decorating a small kitchen – is now at home, the old and the new, it is a little too small for a kitchen. Land prices are skyrocketing, and then stored there in the kitchen floor. It is still possible to organize your home or apartment in the area at the time for new residents. Because it is usually open galley, which plays an important role in the efficiency of the face. Then the kitchen furniture, equipment and work area is the field of design. Fortunately, the right choices, there are still a lot of creative solutions.

    tips on decorating a small kitchen Decorating a Small Kitchen
    What is a small kitchen?
    Officially recognized as a small kitchen 14 m² with a small kitchen. Dutch (new) houses many people, however, hands over 10 square meters will spin in a kitchen. 7 or 8 m² area is very normal and just a coincidence kitchens kitchenette for.It is often less than clear. They are still small, as it can be. Certain activities more easily moved to the living room and stuff just to keep them open
    It means to be coupled to a portion of the living room. Although most of the time in which is manifested in all the kitchen itself has continued to identify with, and has a small kitchen design kitchen design.
    Kitchen Place

    How difficult the establishment of a full kitchenette, also depends on where the house is located. There are some possibilities.
    In some homes, often in the apartment, there is a separate room, no really. Located in a corner of the living room is a kitchen cabinet even more. Obviously, this is still a very viable option. This allows you to determine the amount of space reserved for your kitchen. There is a bar, tables around the world, with other devices connected to the work and may be able to secrete. Surface
    Less than a living room with dining area and a passage is placed in the kitchen. The advantage of this is that the table stand. The disadvantage is largely dependent on artificial light is a very small window in the kitchen, to obtain.
    In most cases, however, caused by the next room, the room, a small bump kitchen. The kitchen is more or less constant. Easily use elsewhere in this case is rarely a good idea to place the kitchen. In this case, nothing area, usually a kitchen corner.
    The last two options first.The small kitchen design with a device to give more problems

    Productivity and face: As noted two things play an important role in the design of a small kitchen. The turning point of the ceiling without having to use a messy or full. Therefore, a small kitchen as well as available as possible are asked to design a little creativity, it is also important that future owners to their own priorities. Only then will make the right decisions.
    A small kitchen design is important following issues:
    Slim Storage
    As much as possible to create a workspace
    Spatial effects
    A careful selection of equipment ………