• Common Problems in The Paint on The Walls

    The most common problems that paint the walls – painted plaster or plaster during the sometimes complex and certainly not find a description of some discomfort to occur. Usually, due to poor surface preparation and painting.
    Arose during the birth of some of the questions, or can be painted immediately after the paint is dry, try to answer: Why passing bubbles roll?

    problems with paint Common Problems in The Paint on The Walls


    This is not a problem textured wall, the wall surface can be rather excellent. Long hair and a sponge, which is precisely why these bubbles, we recommend using a short nap roller.
    Why paint drips or runs down the wall?

    This happens to be a very fine painting. In general, the material is ready for use in the event that the wall has a large amount of absorption is clearly the case for water-based paints, it is necessary to add a little water.
    Why paint cover?

    One reason may be the case above, the image is very diluted. Another reason could not get enough of the roll, usually without a cover on top of the previous color exactly so that the hands are valid. More than for image processing and drying time between the cracks of the dried paint coats.Why try to follow?

    Only once dry, paint and painting may have broken some reason does not meet the wall material. Probably, grease, oil, adhesive presence causes. To solve the problem, all dry, scaly and soap and water to remove the offending material to eliminate that need, let dry, apply a coat of paint false carpet rinse, dry and repaint once.
    Cause peeling paint roller to happen now?

    Usually this occurs when any moisture and salt in the wall. Sector painted with roller brush will not rise, but certainly not could be long. This is an important issue. View the moisture in the walls.
    Why stains occur once painted?

    Sometimes we thought why not stick paint paint stains, rust stains generally, smoke, soot, or becomes visible once the paint dries, paint solvents are soluble in another matter. To solve the problem because the stain removed. I have painted a mat of synthetic (or synthetic enamel background) and once dry, continue with regular paint try.
    Why is the brush?

    If you find that you are covered by weeds transition mural, painting striped right to try to collect. This is in good condition, use a soft brush.
    Why use marks satin or gloss paint roller?

    While painting a wall paint begins to dry on the surface and in contact with air. So the joints between the panels work as quickly as possible and without notice, must be running and roll. Do not repaint a sector review. Should be painted on a wall at a time. Look Satin paint
    Why paint bubbles?

    The presence of moisture in the wall where the insurance is uncomfortable blister paint. In fact, only a small gravity and does not represent the structure of the wall can cause the paint to the surface skin and blisters ……