• Colonial House Plans to Achieve Old-World Charm

    House built with colonial design is becoming one of the most popular houses today. This design is believed to be as correct design to evoke an old world charm . There are many colonial house plans that can be selected to show the meaning of colonial . This home has a master bedroom , and dining room collection . Large fireplace used for heating and cooking . The style of this house, as in a cottage with a rustic appearance. Meanwhile, some of the features are made of mixed woods like maple, knotty pine and chestnut . Used furniture handmade cabinets, carved wooden shelves and many others. In fact , furniture are usually made of wood.


    In terms of decoration , the house has a colonial design characteristics. Hand woven rugs come in several colors while the walls are painted with floral pattern. Guests will sit comfortably on wooden chairs . Drinks and food are served on wooden tables. Elegant fixtures like chandeliers and gilded mirrors increase the sense of colonial style. In fact, colonial house plans really merge the bank account with some features especially accessories made ​​of wood are very expensive. However, the results are worth the amount of money that should pay.picture morehouseplans Colonial House Plans to Achieve Old World Charm