• Classic House Plans Applied to Get Closer to Nature

    If people talk about classic homes, they can refer to the past. However , this definition is too broad. However, this broad definition of classic design house can be limited with several elements . This means that these elements are to be found in any of the classical structures . The roof , for example, should come into the slope style. This type of roof is closely connected with the Georgian house in the past. When homeowners need to have a roof over artistic appearance , they can choose a classic Queen Anne style home , which is complicated shaped steep roofs .


    From the point of view of the floor plan , open floor plans are the most common flooring in classical bungalow houses. Another option makes the central hallway to greet guests, which starts from the entrance to the house . It is such a warm welcome corporate identity for all the guests invited to the house. Meanwhile, windows are created in different design in the past. Georgian houses are large and symmetrically placed windows while Queen Anne houses are very popular with its bay windows . One thing that can be concluded from the classic residential buildings is that people allow natural light and fresh air coming into the house as much as possible .Classic House Plans Images Classic House Plans Applied to Get Closer to Nature