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    Diy christmas decorating 60 DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas


    Instead of hanging lights, use oversized ornaments to add colour and texture to the bare branches of shrubs and small trees. Shine coloured or clear spotlights on the ornaments to make them glisten at night. When you’re picking out your tree, ask the If you haven’t finalised your Christmas decorations yet or wrapped all the gifts, there’s still time to make a splash. Our 12 days of perfect Christmas planning continues with our favourite DIY decorating tips. Once upon a time, tape was just used for holding things together. But recently, there’s been an increase in tape crafts that truly show the diversity of this material. For instance, Erica Domesek from P.S. I Made This has created three DIY 1. Purchase an evergreen wreath from your florist. We added boxwood sprigs to ours to make it extra dense. 2. Attach abalone shells (seashellcity**com) to the greenery using a hot-glue gun around the wreath’s opening, leaving a 10-inch space at the top. Pinterest is a fabulous way to discover easy DIY decorations for Halloween browsing Pinterest for other great Halloween decoration ideas. You’ll be surprised to find that some of the coolest decorations are the easiest to make. Beautiful decor doesn’t have to cost a lot; here are a few ways to bring some holiday sparkle to your home. Beautiful decor doesn’t have to cost a lot; here are a few DIY ways to bring some holiday sparkle to your home……

    It seems like once Halloween is over, all of the Christmas decorations go up and everyone forgets about Thanksgiving. Fall and Thanksgiving decorations are so gorgeous and not to be forgotten about! There are so many neat Thanksgiving decor It’s that time of year once again. We’re all prepared to deck those halls, trim those trees, and make our homes look as festive as possible