• Childproof Interior Decoration

    Interior childproof – the kids so they can make our home comfortable and safe when you come home it’s time to check everything. It is not easy to create an interior of reach of children, we have to change the location and activities and children in danger, or the negative of any reform, while staying at home should be beautiful and attractive . We are so complex that will give you some tips and ideas to help you on your mission.

    childproof design Childproof Interior Decoration
    For interior decorating tips and ideas for children
    A house full of children from harmful products are introduced to reach. And, if possible, and placed on the shelves of the high and everything is closed. Do not let the bank near cabinets or stairs. Cleaning products, except their own insect, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other chemicals.The kitchen rooms is one of the most dangerous for children and children in remote areas requires careful planning, good inside. Cook wants safe to eat and look in the background. Also avoid reaching pots and other kitchen items, using special protective edges. Keep knives and other dangerous objects up drawers. Select furniture with rounded corners, edges, or the local public. It can damage a small paint chalkboard paint can be expressed without wall decor.
    If you have stairs in your home, which is locked to railings to avoid being played, placed on the top and bottom. Of the children to match the interior decor is very nice if you can find the wooden doors.
    As with her baby in the bedroom should be very safe. Pay special attention to the crib or bed. The child must have a railing to prevent the escape of the crib, but allows you to easily remove. B falls.Special smoothly and children must be low enough to avoid a small removable railing requires electrical wiring should be the first to show that the rules must be all the security features. Designed specifically for this purpose and cover cable outlets, switches and fuses, among other elements, including the use of electricity for lighting the inner parts of the reach of children, as a supplement to protect children. Place a load as high as possible, and prefer the most secure systems.
    Not only for children, but also furniture, little children must be protected, must be protected. Food and drink children who tend to get rid of them and others covering the furniture from scratches, jump, in addition to hit with their toys, furniture, unless irreparable damage.
    Children are very active and need monitoring to prevent accidents, so it is a multi-functional space can be an excellent option for them homework. They play in a safe environment, so that you create a special place for them to give them some privacy, space, game room or study Integrate.
    Be careful, as it can be a potential hazard to choose furniture. Materials such as glass, stainless steel, general metal, stone, young children can lead to accidents. Furniture is also unstable with tips or children do not realize the danger of his adventures, threats and fall or trip over them and suffer serious injuries. Change the type of furniture safely and avoid accidents .