• The Top 5 of Breakfast Bar Ideas

    Entertainment is not a stranger to the top 5 ideas for the breakfast bar . The kitchen , dining room or a corner of the patio , the house served as a bar to sip a drink, listen to music and can build long conversations . It is just a rod , a collection of drinks , a couple of stools and optional , is a table with chairs and a comfortable sofa . Home to start a project to create an intimate breakfast bar , of course, more attractive breakfast bar in the world , but also can be a great inspiration . Our top 5 styles , each of which offers a breakfast bar and tempt you with ideas .
    1 . Warwickshire Drive
    Internationally known for her captivating style of the English county of Warwickshire breakfast bar , lies the jewel design . Smack in Leamington Spa , luxurious – the bar was designed by Steve Smith and Adrian Baynes . Simultaneously retro and modern , Smack labels and gray-scale images using funny comic style , is decorated entirely in black and white .
    Shanghai 2Velvet Lounge
    Name Velvet breakfast bar ( ” velvet” ) invites you to relax in armchairs , soft and charming place . Velvet Lounge caresses with sophisticated tones as well as underground eclectic style : hard red and black palette , crystal chandeliers , vintage details and touches typical of Chinese art .
    3 . That Berlin ‘s Riva
    Seventies legendary football player , takes its name from Luigi Riva, one of Europe’s stylish breakfast bar , one of the results of the mixture of old and new . Located next to the famous Berlin underground bar, oval, dark-wood bar, painted in fresh colors and geometric summer terrace are fascinated with its vaulted ceiling .
    4 . Atelier Mechanic Bucharest
    A machine shop ( hence the name ) , the capital of Romania, breakfast bar , inspired by the original notes for the national character : the founder of the Romanian Communist relics of the old factories Corvin Cristian tables, chairs , and other art objects equipped with . Metals , tools , keeps a detailed history of posters and signs that adorn this unique bar .
    5 . Door 74 in Amsterdam
    The underground nature of the capital of the Netherlands is only accessible with a unique phone number which you will need to call into the closet , breakfast bar area. After passing through the gate without a hint of a dark surround the city into the atmosphere , but elegant , soft black leather sofa and attractive embossed tin ceiling cos .breakfast bar design The Top 5 of Breakfast Bar Ideas