• Bedroom Audio

    Express your bedroom – bed and a car radio or a variety of other annoying noises , loud music , I can not sleep because of the noise from the neighbors a very frustrating . Maybe you already have a lot of outside noise ederekyatak properly handle isolated environment . What kind of sound is and how you can do better?

    soundproof your bed Bedroom Audio
    Lectern High or lie in bed and can not sleep at that time , as neighbors, arguing and yelling at someone on the street to get a very annoying noise by noise. This is the sound of traffic , like a child crying next to or occur more frequently , especially in the neighborhood dogs barking. So definitely worth considering what the bedroom. soundproofing
    Start with the basics . Therefore, a better place to hold a thick rug or carpet was replaced floorboards. Close windows and doors closed , and ensure that cracks and joints . Keep sound thick curtains for the windows. Even I have problems with noise , isolated spaces should go a step further.Further
    To stop a custom moldable putty Eğerboya remove without damaging a few nights recently with all the cracks and seams windowsses density test . If it helps , you can continue to fill these gaps permanently. They are still open, but the maximum amount of noise can be disabled.
    The windows and walls
    The sound is usually windows. Thin windows and wooden frames have the slightest sound . Double glazing contains much more noise and better insulation against temperature . Elligürültü percent return with a plastic frame with double glazing may provide a noise reduction of about 20 percent.
    insulated walls
    By isolating the bedroom wall not only saves energy but also significantly reduces the amount of interior noise coming through. If you suffer from side street noise , which can be especially useful . You can add insulation to the wall and covered with drywall.
    Many attics and lofts , especially in older homes , not isolated . This is by isolating only saves energy , but can not make the house had a lot more volume. You can get an advantage, especially if you live near an airport. Calls of paper ( also called paper mutated) an asphalt coil current ileçatı works inside track . This solution is cheap and effective .
    It really sounds outside the room , if you want to do everything possible to keep it free , but it can also be isolated from the door. A hollow door with a solid door , allowing stronger hollow housing . Also note that the cracks and joints .
    Komşudurumda up
    If you listen , you probably have wood floors upstairs neighbors yürüyüşüst . If you live in a rented house , noise may notify the owner in writing. This helps keep the upstairs neighbors to call the staff and may be willing to work in order to minimize discomfort. You can do all the wonders of a rug as large as possible . Maybe if you take the house -heeled walking shoes and socks. Neighbors refuse to cooperate or are still running if you can make a ceiling.