• Beautiful Garden with Hanging Plants

    The narrow house with a small porch with hanging plants will be perfect. This is due to a smaller number of plants that can be planted in the ground “hard” to avoid the impression that the house was a terrace. Select the type of crop and edit the site, provided that adequate hanging plants, for example, placed on the floor patio pots than normal plants is no less beautiful and attractive.
    Plants suitable for hanging plants have certain criteria: type of vine crops, fibrous roots, and has a cover crop. Need full sun and needs a little more advanced types of a type of sunlight sun can be grouped according to the needs.

    hanging plants2 Beautiful Garden with Hanging Plants
    So how do you choose? The best thing to do is look to the light of the sun from the porch of the house. In the morning and in the afternoon the sun terrace of the house is more dominant, Zebrina, Begonia, as the sun hung semperflorens pendula and select the type of plants to small caps. Portico of the day more often exposed to sunlight, however, Lantana, Verbena sp camera and a hanging pots in full sun to select.
    Type pot or timber used for hanging plants, potting soil, vases, plastic pots are. The problem is the selection of materials durable and long lasting. Pot of water to the pan so it’s not a good drainage system to be slow. Currently that board is equipped with hanging baskets are sold in the placement function prevents water from dripping and keep it moist planting medium. The best soil for hanging potted plants, a mixture of goat manure and humus 1:1:1 ratio. Something to remember before planting medium is added to the pot, place the pot up to 5 cm in the form of yeast are integral membrane fibers are coated. This is to ensure air flow from the container.
    How to plant a hanging plastic bottles share. Plastic bottles are widely available in the country. In order to increase the volume down down.To park tires s head hanging hanging upside down to use it to create a garden, some of the equipment, such as tomatoes, plastic bottles, scissors, short strings and grapes, and the need of others.It ‘s easy bottom section of the bottle, the cap, the single use. Put plants bottle, and then adding a sufficient amount of the soil. Plant can be hung on a strap at the top of the bottle well. Water, quickly due to moisture of the plant leaves to reach an inverted position, there are several advantages in crop plants.
    Plantar fun hanging plants. But of course, patience, crafts and entertainment are. At a minimum, the owner of the plant should be watered regularly, and do not forget to fertilize.
    Hanging Plants and waste as a container for ideas to be more creative and make it more beautiful with a small garden. Happy Gardening and enjoy your new hobby ..