• Beautiful Air-Conditioning Plant 2013

    In this modern era, requires that all aspects of care with modern comforts . The results of modern facilities that use advanced tools and pollution. To cope with pollution , several attempts were made . Afforestation has been promoted by the government. We are also at home with air conditioning should try to reduce pollution. For you to help you choose the right plants are grown indoors , review .

    air conditioning plants Chrysanthemum Beautiful Air Conditioning Plant 2013
    If your house with high humidity under conditions of high light planted bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifritzii ) This plant will grow . Planted in a large pot, this plant can grow. These plants are not water resistant too . The soil must have good drainage conditions. The use of water and soil with a jar of preserves and flows well , use holes . Optimum soil composition : 1 part coarse sand , 2 parts peat and 1 part humus. Bamboo palm substances benzene, formaldehyde , toluene and trichlorethylene can be used as an air purifier plant inside.
    Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium ) This property features a beautiful flower. In addition , this plant is very suitable for positioning iyiodaya . These plants filter pollutants such as cigarette smoke, as these plants can improve the air quality in your home clean . This is true for plants to grow and develop , with enough sunlight, but not direct sunlight , this plant can be put . Utensils growing plants as well as time permits adequate drainage.
    Ivy (Hedera helix) , air cleaner cover , benzene , formaldehyde , TCE , toluene , octane, terpene ( more efficient air treatment units to remove the benzene by NASA ), a substance which can be absorbed by yapmakbitkiler .
    Dracaena Massangeana , this ornamental plant is a plant in your home can reduce the levels of benzene and formaldehyde. Only benzene and formaldehyde , xylene and toluene , these plants can be air filter. This plant likes bright light, but they will die if exposed to excessive light. If you want to take care of these plants , in a room trying to put too much sunlight . After draining, the water is too extreme to be .
    Contaminants – Lily ( Spathiphyllum ) , this ornamental plant is a plant that can help agents to clean the room . Benzene, formaldehyde, and can even filter contaminants such as trichlorethylene .
    Hoya carnosa , ornamental plants, the pollution comes from the Philippines to keep fresh air içinev may choose to place in the room or office. According to studies by the University of Georgia, Hoya carnosa can absorb volatile organic compounds . Generally VOC carpet in the house, wood panels, paint , animal , formaldehyde , benzene and toluene may pollutants are volatile organic compounds . VOC compounds at the same time you can get the old books , newspapers , wax and adhesives.
    I recommend that you put into your home some of the air handling units . This contamination than good to your health as it absorbs , and the house will look beautiful with air conditioning plants .