• A Pond in Your Backyard

    A swimming pool in your garden – a garden pond is really complete . The water in a fish pond . Aquatic plants and animals also have an excellent idea of ​​the garden pond . Build a pond, but enjoy a pond may be necessary to be well prepared.

    pond design A Pond in Your Backyard
    A special pond

    This is a long cherished dream for many people , the garden is a pond with a special. Japanese fish , frogs and other animals , as well as the diversity and wide range of possible movements bitkibahçesi most beautiful place , is that it allows provides . Enjoy it for what they are! Building a pond is not difficult, but it is the design easy.The

    Before toprağakürek , you need to start making a design. If you determine that you want the pool in the garden. Also consider that there dipleripiyasada preformed pond . If such a pattern , the shape is fixed. Pond shape are prone to various sizes. Would you like to design your own ? Then too. Also remember that the pool you want to fish and aquatic plants . If you do not make much sense here it is a good idea to let the experts information .
    the necessary preparation

    A pond was excavated . Of course, that means that the wait will continue. So what to do before you start digging too Imagine the sand. If you have a large garden with sandy bottoms , then you can use this to increase the sand. Then a lot of sand garden shed portions , has a small garden . Run far , which is a container for rent. Also note that excess sand yeraltıyüksekliği .

    Bring on the design of your garden pond . You can place . Several explorers can see exactly where you have to dig well . Içinmesajları Strips probably extended to form. Pond , digging a clear picture still stands, or is still time for tapes. Tapes example of the things you can come across in work.The start digging , but

    Where should toprağakürek is due to the stack. Make sure you have enough space to dig . If you think you can . Or, on a pile of sand next to the lagoon , but the direction in which excess sand in the sand , maybe just for a wheelbarrow or container garden. This saves again the extra work. Now you can dig işgölet to begin with. If you are a pond at different levels , these levels will ensure that the horizontal well . Sand the edges of the pond in the future , so that can be used easily . To avoid this situation , it is better to work with the manifold.
    This new arena

    If the desired depth of your pond , then you are not there yet. Count another ten centimeters. If that happened , the horizontal parts of the lagoon , then a layer of thick white sand is applied to ten inches . This layer provides stability and prevents sagging.